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Thank you for visiting Tailored to Suit - Leiana Rei. You can expect to find products that showcase New Zealand's,culture, history and heritage, while also offering you, international appeal and a high fashion edge. Pieces that are wearable, adaptable, ageless and timeless. Leiana Rei is synonymous with quality fabrics, high quality manufacturing, class with street appeal and the flavors of Aotearoa.

Leiana Rei is known as a "Serial Award Winning Designer."

The launch of her Tangaroa Range featuring the digital paua printed fabric, sets her apart from all the other "copycats" with a far superior print with numerous accolades to prove it! You can always expect to find something in Paua online for purchase as it is just too beautiful to ignore!!!! It represents hidden beauty as it naturally shines inside the paua shell and is iconic to New Zealand.

Not only is it the most exquisite food in the sea alongside crayfish and prawns, but, the shell also has the most vibrant, beautiful colors, nature can produce!

Leiana Rei specialize's in Clothing and Accessories for the Fashion, Tourist and Gift wear market.

We also offer services for tailoring and clothing alterations, uniforms, licensing and stock the award winning paua printed fabric in a range of products.

The signature range of paua printed product is currently available in Women's sz 6 - 14 and Men's XSM - XL. Accessories fit a range of other sizes.

Our products are set by default in US Dollars and we ship all over the world.

Please use our currency tab located above the "search" engine to get an approximate cost in your currency. (*please note that this is changed weekly, to reflect an updated rate) When you arrive at the checkout, you will have the exact rate of currency as at that date.

Happy shopping!!!